About Us

A little about us, as a team

About the Project - Summary

‘Student Academic Partnership collaboration project to improve Student Digital Experience at Staffordshire University.’ The scheme provides an opportunity for individual or teams of students to work alongside academic or service staff to complete a digital project for the benefit of the student community at Staffordshire University. The student academic partnership program aims to develop digital collaboration projects with students and staff to strengthen technical, presentational and problem solving skills.

About the Project - Details

SAP works as a partnership between students, staff and university facilities/services to support students bringing their digital ideas forward. It allows you to be in control of making a positive change to the university which benefits other students and staff. Once a project has been submitted it will be reviewed by a member of the union. Candidates will then move on to stage 2 which requires a project presentation to a panel of university and union staff. Presentations will be held in February 2017, and consists of a 10min presentation and 5min Q/A.

About the Project - Final

Regular contact will be maintained throughout the project with your mentor and union staff. Projects need to be completed by June 2017 and presented to the relevant service/faculty in July 2017.

In return for your hard work, staff are expected to work in equal partnership with you to provide support. Staff are required to complete a ‘target outcomes plan’ before the project commences and a short review on completion of the project. Staff must also provide evidence of each meeting held.