About the project that started this app.

‘Student Academic Partnership collaboration project to improve Student Digital Experience at Staffordshire University.’ The scheme provides an opportunity for individual or teams of students to work alongside academic or service staff to complete a digital project for the benefit of the student community at Staffordshire University

The Staffs Pathway project was inspired by applications like Pokemon Go, and aims to make navigating the campus efficient, logical, and consistent. The idea is a mobile application which will utilise augmented reality to give users a virtual map on their phones. As well as this, it will also denote nearby car parks, toilets, and catering facilities, with the hope of further expansions in the future.


About Us

Meet the people behind the app.

Chris: “I am currently studying computing science year one, when I saw the advert for the SAP’s project I thought what an awesome opportunity to put into practice the theory and skills I have learnt so far on my course overall helping fellow students and staff with our project.”.

Stacey: “My name is Stacey and I am a level 4 Forensic Computing student. I am excited to be part of the SAP project as I am keen to help my fellow students and their journey at Staffordshire University.”

Katie: “I moved to Staffordshire from Worcester and was eager to make the most of things. Joining the Student Academic Partnership seemed daunting at first, however, I ultimately became nothing but excited about all the potential our idea possesses.”


System Requirements

The minimum system requirements

Only available in English (U.K.)

Android 5.1 and higher

Rear Camera - Needed for the augment relativity features of the app

GPS - Needed for getting your precise location so the app can give you directions and show you were you are relation to other buildings.

Data Connection - Download images of the building and location the buildings facilities


Main Features

Summary preview of the main features of the Staffs Pathway App.

Building List

Provides you with a list of buildings with pictures, sorted in order from closest to furthest.

Room Search

Search for a room, type in a room number e.g. S520 and the app will tell you the room location (Mellor, Floor 5, Room 20).

Campus Map

Map of the campus showing building markers, shops, cafés and car parks.

Building Information

Facility information will be displayed with an option to guide you to the desired building.


Walking directions from your current location to your desired destination.

Augmented Reality

View in real time the names of the buildings overlaid over your phones camera view.

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